Quantum-Touch® Therapy Training in Ontario

The ability to heal yourself, and assist others in their healing process, is an innate skill. Quantum-Touch® enables our bodies to manifest our hardwired wellness. At Aileen’s Oasis in Ontario, we offer a Quantum-Touch® therapy Level I training, which is a 2-day event, with amazing results beginning during the very first morning of the weekend. Aileen as the first instructor in Canada has been teaching since September 2004 and continues to offer this training 8 to 10 times each year to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn this powerful work.

We are committed to keeping everyone safe during this pandemic situation. To this end, we are conducting all workshops online. Contact us to know more about our virtual training sessions.

What Does Quantum-Touch® Therapy Level 1 Training Include?

Quantum-Touch® therapy Level I training is offered to youngsters ranging in age from 11 years to 83 years. The students come to this work from all walks of life: physicians, teachers, Reiki Masters, nurses, high tech specialists, electricians, psychologists, athletes, massage therapists, and from all age groups. 


The technique requires no prior training and can be added to any other healing modality you might already know. It is very experiential and begins with the awareness techniques for one's own body and then breathing and intention techniques to direct healing energy into your own system and out your hands. Children and their parents learning the techniques together have an opportunity to bond in a very special way as children are naturals at this work and don’t really need to learn at all.

Few things you will experience and learn: 

  • Quantum-Touch®’s history and principles

  • Five different breathing patterns

  • Full body sweep technique

  • Assessing and running energy

  • Intermediate techniques on basic energy patterns

  • Utilizing Quantum-Touch® techniques

  • Recognizing and releasing suppressed or repressed emotions

To enroll in the Quantum-Touch® therapy Level I training, click here. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all workshops are being conducted online.

Healing Circles

Healing Circles traditionally are places where people who want healing can gather to receive blessings and hands-on healing from one another. In the context of Quantum-Touch® Healing Circles, participants are invited to attend after they have taken a weekend workshop of Quantum-Touch® therapy training. These gatherings have been organized to provide the maximum benefit for students of Quantum-Touch® therapy where they can gather to share experiences, ask questions, practice and perfect their skills and receive a session from their peers under the supervision of an instructor. Requirements are simple, just call several days before to register.

Benefits of attending the Healing Circles range from being able to experience the healing benefits in your own life, gaining experience and confidence in doing the work, learning to trust what is happening under your hands, to getting feedback on the work that you are doing from fellow students as well as from a seasoned professional.

Embrace the Gift

Quantum-Touch Healing can be used to overcome subconscious blocks that might be holding you back in life.

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